Amazon Coupon Codes Round Up November 8th

Check out these big discounts with Amazon Coupon Codes.

Women PU Leather Backpack Purse
50% off Code:WNRMTUL8 +10%coupon
Reg. Price: 36.99-37.99
Final Price: 18.5-19

Wok Pan
40% off Code:VLYAM56R
Reg. Price: $39.99
Final Price: $23.99

Women's Short Sleeve Shirts
55% OFF Code:55K4T9HF
Reg. Price: 20.99
Final Price: 9.45

Large and Durable 6 Pack Organizer Bins
50% OFF Code: DS4JUIU5
Reg. Price:45.80
Final price:22.90

Walkie Talkies for Kids
41% off code :35U1AW7D +6%coupon
Reg. Price: 21.99
Final Price: 12.97

Waterproof Tool Bags, 16-inch
50% OFF Code: PQIG849T
Reg. Price: 38.99
Final Price: 19.49

LCD Writing Tablet for Kids
60% OFF code: TC4T5SQ6 +$7coupon
Reg. Price: $18.99
Final Price: $ 8.19

Men's Running Tights
50% off Code:OH8EKH6R
Reg. Price: 15.99/19.99
Final Price: 7.99/$9.99

Short Sleeve V Neck T Shirts
50% OFF Code:50J69MRT
Reg price: 17.98
Final Price: 8.99

Silicone Baking Mat Kit
40% OFF Code: U97P4YDW
Reg. Price: $18.99
Final Price: 11.39

iphone chargers
40% off Code: A54YUNQL
Reg. Price: 10.99
Final Price: 6.59

Succulent Pots, Set of 6
50% off code:UOJIHVYR
Reg. Price: $22.99
Final price: $11.495

Slingshot Chicken 30 Pack
50% OFF Code : 50QA1TAW
Reg. Price: $20.99
Final Price: $10.49

Acrylic Paint Makers Set 18 Colors
50% OFF code:VZOQ5FPQ
Reg. Price: 19.99
Final price:9.99

Christmas Chair Covers Set of 4
40% off code: KW86AQRK
Reg. Price: $18.99-25.99
Final Price: $11.39-15.59

iPad Keyboard Case
50% off code: 20BVY2AI +30% coupon
Reg. Price: 35.99
Final Price: 17.99

Gua Sha Facial Tool Set
50% off code: QABQHOJX
Reg Price: 13.99
Final Price: 6.99

16" LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder
70% OFF Code:70OWCY6E
Reg. Price: 103.99
Final Price:$31.2

Guinea Pig Bed
50% off Code :50Z7FXBU
Reg. Price: 17.99
Final Price: 8.99

Toddler-Kids Eco-Friendly Rain Boots
50% off Code: boot50off
Reg. Price: $16.99-$29.99
Final Price: $8.495-$14.995

Totoro Camisole for Women Muliti Pack
45% off code: 45HO7PAG
Reg. Price: $18.99-$24.99
Final Price: $10.45-$13.75

Gloves for Men and Women
40% off Code: 9Z8K3BAT
Reg. Price: $17.99
Final Price: $10.89

Acrylic Christmas Tree Decorations
80% off code:3WXK5JM3
Reg. Price: 19.95
Final price: 3.99

If you find codes that are no longer working please leave a comment below. As always prices can change at any time.


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