2021 Bonne Maman Advent Calendar is BACK (And It WILL Sell Out!)

This limited edition Bonne Maman Advent Calendar sells out FAST every year and if you've had your eyes on this Advent Calendar at any point, NOW is the time to take the plunge because you can score an awesome deal!

The size of the jars included in the Bonne Maman Advent calendar is absolutely perfect. At 1-ounce, these samplers allow you to try all of the irresistible flavors of fruits and honey rather than having to buy large jars of them.

Among the 24 jars that are included, you'll find some classic favorites and a sampling of delicious, limited-edition flavors like Cherry with Hibiscus Flower, Peach with Jasmine, Raspberry with Rose, Wild Blueberry with Lemon Balm, and Sweet Orange & Passion Fruit. You're sure to discover some new favorites!


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