Amazon Coupon Codes Round Up June 13th

Check out these big discounts with Amazon Coupon Codes.

LCD Writing Tablet
Reg. Price: $16.99
Final Price: $6.79

Citronella Candles, Large Citronella Candles Set - 4 Pack
40% off code : 20CZQFA3 ++ 20 % Coupon
Reg. Price:29.99
Final Price: 17.99

Blackout Curtains 2 Panels in 1 Set
50% off code: JJP7H6KU
Reg. Price: 31.99~41.99
Final Price: 15.99~20.99

Wood Contact Paper Wood Wallpaper Peel
50% off code: Ebony018
Reg. Price: $7.59~$27.99
Final Price: $3.79~$13.99

Portable Air Conditioner
80% off code: GRNBMN7Y
Reg. Price: $182
Final Price: $36.49

Adjustable Dumbbells Set
80% off Code: DV6SKUQF
Reg. Price: 214.95
Final Price: 42.99

Women's Floral Chiffon Kimono Cardigans
60% OFF code: MXZU5QUO
Reg. Price: $30.91-32.33
Final Price : $12.36-12.93

Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable
50% off Code: OS3HVBRT
Reg. Price: 499.98
Final Price: 249.99

Lemon Shower Curtain - Floral Shower Curtains
60% off Code: AGHN2PUH
Reg. Price: 21.99
Final Price: 8.79

Frying Pan with Lid
23% off .no code $8coupon
Reg. Price: $35.99
Final Price: $27.99

Self-Sealing Water Balloons Pack
50% off Code: 50C6OXUW
Reg. Price: 29.99
Final Price : 14.99

Hair Scalp Massager
65% off code: 8RQDNJUO +20%coupon
Reg. Price: 5.99
Final Price: 2.09

Wooden Unique Puzzle for Adults, Koala Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
55% off Code: ZDEYC6BY +5%coupon
Reg. Price : 39.99
Final Price :17.99

If you find codes that are no longer working please leave a comment below. As always prices can change at any time.


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