*BEST PRICE* Pac-Man Board Game w/ Arcade Sounds Only $13.99 (Retail $19.99)

Hurry over to Amazon where you can score the Pac-Man board game for just $13.99 (Retail $19.99)!

You can score this game in time for Christmas! Prime Members will get it free with the 2-day shipping.

Just like the classic arcade game, Pac-Man has to master the maze, beat the ghosts, and get his initials by the highest score. In this collaborative game, everyone gets a turn at being Pac-Man while the rest of the players are the ghosts. Three dice and a bit of strategy get Pac-Man around the board racking up the points, and the ghosts are controlled by cards which almost guarantee the same kind of erratic motions as in the arcade. The kiddos and classic arcade enthusiasts will love it!


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