*POPULAR* Christmas Nail Wraps ONLY $3.99

Check out these Christmas Nail Wraps for ONLY $3.99!

Easy to apply: Size up your nails: Choose the wraps that best fit your nail shape. They're smaller than they appear, choose a size that's wide enough for your nail.

Stick 'em up: Peel off the nail wrap from the back white paper and line up the rounded edge with your cuticle (the little flap should be facing away). Starting at the cuticle, press down and stretch the wrap toward the tip of your nail, smoothing it out until it's free of any bubbles or ridges. Remove clear plastic. After you stick them and smooth them, remove the thin clear plastic wrap on the top. 

File away: Use a nail file to buff away any excess material from the wraps, moving the file in a downward motion to keep things smooth.Seal the deal: Your wraps will last a whole lot longer with a top coat. Choose something sheer. A chip-resistant formula adds a hint of sparkle to your finished look.


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