*POPULAR* 52-Week Gratitude Journal with Stickers ONLY $9.97

Check out this 52-Week Gratitude Journal with stickers for ONLY $9.97!

HELLO, happy thoughts!

It's true. Good things are everywhere! You just need to find them. This Gratitude Finder® is your companion to do just that! Journaling about things for which you're grateful, especially now, will channel your thoughts to good things.

The process can curb anxiety and elevate the positivity for you and everyone around you. This is especially important for our children and those who live with anxiety. Many of our styles are perfect for young people, too!

This 52-week gratitude journal, available [12] cover styles, was created to channel positive thinking to anyone who uses it. When you elevate your own attitude of gratitude you'll be amazed by what positivity surrounds you and how contagious thankfulness can be. Each journal includes the same inside content. Now including [3] Boy-Centric styles!

The Gratitude Finder® gets its name because when you set out to find the good (or bad), you always find it, so then why not set out to find the good! Its mission is to brighten thoughts and focus on the good people, experiences, places...every day!


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