*BEST PRICE* Hedbanz Adulting ONLY $12.59 (Retail $19.99)

Game night - check!!!!

Head over to get this Hedbanz Adulting for ONLY $12.59!

Introducing Hedbanz Adulting, the hilarious head-to-head party game for adults! In this millennial version of the "What am I?" guessing game, players wear a headband with a card on it. With seven new card categories, like binge-worthy TV shows, professions, the hottest apps, plus a charades category, players flip the timer and ask the group as many "yes" or "no" questions as they can in 90 seconds! Guess what's on the card before the timer runs out and you can earn two points or one point after time is up by using the card hint. If you pull a Let's Get Physical charades card, choose a player and watch them ridiculously act out both topics on your card! Guess both correctly before time runs out and you each get a point. The first player to make it to five points wins! Assemble your #GameSquad and take your next game night up a notch with Hedbanz Adulting!


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