Amazon Coupon Codes Round Up October 19th

Check out these big discounts with Amazon Coupon Codes.

Halloween Decorations Lights
50% off Code: WKOZIMAV +5USD coupon
Reg. Price: $29.49/$29.99
Final price: $15.64/$15.99

iPhone 12 case, iPhone 12 Pro Case Clear Glitter (6.1 inch)
75% off Code: QEUKEEMY
Reg. Price: 10.99
Final price: 2.75

4pcs Face Cotton with Breathing valve With 8pcs
40% off code :TFXUFFQC
Reg. Price: 14.39
Final price: 8.634

Kid puzzles
50% off code: 9A3H3LJ5
Reg. Price: 8.99
Final price: 4.49

Automatic soap dispenser
50% off Code: FROJTKRB
Reg. Price: 44.59
Final Price: 22.25

Starcast Standard 1 Pack Pillow-Adjustable Series Loft Home Pillow
50% off Code: ZWQD6ULI
Reg. Price: 49.9
Final Price: 24.45

AZZUTORK Resistance Bands Set
60% off Code: HD64XQ8E
Reg. Price: 29.99
Final Price: 11.99

KAKIO Instant Heating Rechargeable Hand Warmer
80% off code: 3NS9VZ6N
Reg. Price: $39.98
Final Price: $7.99

Men's Thermal Underwear Set
40% off code: DCQK64CH
Reg. Price: $11.99-$24.49
Final Price: $7.19-$14.69

Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand
40% off code:XVOKRU6L
Reg. Price: $9.99
Final Price: $5.99

I'm Just Here for The Boos T Shirt
50% off code: ZF42U9L9
Reg. Price: $25.99
Final Price: $12.99

Thank you card with envelopes
50% OFF Code: 50GPPSLJ
Reg Price: 14.99-18.99
Final Price: $7.99

Smart Watch
50% off code: PFA98B85 +clip10% coupon
Reg. Price: 32.99
Final price: 16.49

LXMTY Face Cover Magic Scarf Head Wrap Neck Warmer 2 pack
50% OFF Code:JPZ3HKA9
Reg. Price: $15.99
Final price: $8

USATDD Matching Letter Spelling and Learning Game
Final price: 11.99

Play tent candy house
33% OFF Code:33UECKNV
Reg.Price: 28.99
Final price: 19.4

20 Ninja Minifigures with Ninja Accessories
60% off code: FTGPNI9F
Reg Price: 24.99
Final Price: 9.99

Elastic bands for sewing 1/4 inch
60% OFF code 2X5JYQIY
Reg.Price: $20.99
Final price: $8.29

Pumpkin carving kit
50% off Code: HSG3XB5P
Reg.Price: 25.99
Final price: 12.99

Men's hoodies
40% off code:9CMSM7VW
Reg.Price: 42.99
Final price: 25.79

Scalp Massage Brush
50% off Code: 10A5U7DQ +clip 4USD coupon
Reg.Price: $9.99
Final Price:$4.99

Ring Light 10" with Stand & Phone Holder
50% off Code: G4UFEWQN
Reg.Price: 24.99
Final Price: 12.55

Kids Waterproof PVC Rain Boot with Handles
50% off Code: 50I4SRZI
Reg. Price: 19.99
Final Price: 9.99

Halloween cosplay mask
50% off Code: 50JMTIHG
Reg. Price:15.99
Final price: 7.99

Rustic Picture Frames 8.5x11
20% off Code: 107KGBHR
Reg. Price: 19.99
Final Price: 17.99

Long Sleeves Cardigan Sweaters
45% off Code :KEXFXKDR +clip 5% coupon
Reg. Price: 21.99
Final Price: 12.08

Table cloth Cover
50% off Code: UZOLNUWV
Reg. Price: 13.99-15.99
Final Price: 6.99-7.99

Gel Nail Polish Set
50% off Code :50Q16XNG
Reg. Price: $18.99
Final Price: $9.50

Professional Hair Clippers For Men Kit
50% off Code: UWKBTKKA
Reg. Price: 49.99
Final Price: 24.99

Mini 2500mAh Charger Wireless Remote Phone Selfie Tripod Stand
50% off Code: 3GWVSFSF
Reg Price: 36.99
Final Price: 18.49

UV LED Nail Lamp
50% off Code : NWBKIH5J
Reg. Price :$ 23.99
Final Price : $11.99

4 IN 1 Upgrade Hot Air Hair Dryer Brush
50% off Code: 3TGHMEFE
Reg. Price: 39.99
Final Price: 19.995

Mothers Gift - Personalized Engraved Cutting Board
50% off Code:QN4F827V
Reg. Price: 16.99
Final Price: 8.59

LED Beanie Hat
50% off Code: BTP27OBU
Reg. Price: 10.99
Final Price: 5.49

If you find codes that are no longer working please leave a comment below. As always prices can change at any time.


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