*POPULAR* Budget Binder Tracker - 12-Month ONLY $19.99 (Retail $34.95)

Head over to get this Budget Binder™ Tracker | 12-Month Non-Dated for ONLY $19.99 (Retail $34.95)!

Let the new year begin your journey to being debt-free!

ALL-NEW! Whether you're managing your household finances, just venturing out on your own for the first time or running a small business, this binder is your comprehensive guidebook to help you stay on track to your dreams (and thrive within your means!)

Most financially successful people have earned that status by building a positive relationship with their money. Then, telling your money how to behave! That's what a budget is. Much like any great relationship, you need to give it some attention and engagement on a regular basis.

This Budget Binder™ is a workbook designed to guide you through your finances regularly to create and foster your relationship with your money. Knowing your financial status each day/week/month is a powerful intel that you can use to make good decisions about your money. Good decisions add up to a financial future you dream of!

The first step of this journey is yours. Getting this book today is proof that YOU are on your way to achieving your dream future. Notably, this binder is a perpetual style, so you're able to begin any time of the year. Today is perfect.


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