*POPULAR* 52-Week Gratitude Journal + 165 Stickers ONLY $9.95 (Retail $18.95)

Head over to get this 52-Week Gratitude Journal | 165 Stickers for ONLY $9.95 (Retail $18.95)!

Finding Joy and THEN writing it down is the ideal way to relive joyful moments again...and again!

This 52-week gratitude journal, available (7) cover styles, was created to channel positive thinking to anyone who uses it. When you elevate your own attitude of gratitude you'll be amazed by what positivity surrounds you and how contagious thankfulness can be.

The Gratitude Finder® gets its name because when you set out to find the good (or bad), you always find it, so then why not set out to FIND the GOOD! Its mission is to brighten thoughts and focus on the good people, experiences, places...every day!

Overheard among teachers: When we cultivate positivity among our students, we are raising the standards for how they interact with not only their classmates but also the 1000s of people they will meet in their lifetimes.


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