Huge List Of Amazon Coupon Codes – April 2nd

Check out these best deals of the week with Amazon Coupon Codes.

48W UV LED Nail Lamp $12.59 with the code: TXEMO5A7

Scented Candles Gift Set of 2 Pack 100% Natural Soy Wax $9.99 with the code: CYP67MEF

Electric Milk Frother and Heater $17.99 with coupon and code: PH29O33Q

ANNSO Air Compressor Tire Inflator $16.49 with the code: YYFDD8IV

iphone charger 5 pack $8.99 with the code: XYPCH93W

Dog Cat Collar Bowtie $4.99 with the code: PWH52TIQ

Storage Bags Vacuum Seal Space Saver Bags $15.49 with the code: 7VVVQTD9

Accessories for Instant Pot Set $17.49 with the code: 6L7FD9NL

UCANBE 18 Colors Aromas New Nude Eyeshadow Palette $7.19 with the code: 407KQ5MH

Foldable Baby Playpen $55.99 with the code: 5BMFWG78

BeachQueen Women Two Piece Halter High Waisted Bikini Set $11.49 with the code: 50FOGI9Y

Pokemon Themed Figures and Silicone Wristband Bracelets $10.99 with the code: UEJLKVRL

Car Toys with Play Mat $13.94 with the code: CARTOYS888

LattoGe No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults $3.99 with the code: 6KEUKA3H

18K Genuine Gold Post and Swarovski Cut CZ Stud Earrings $16.49 with the code: G2FY7PPS

USB C Hub Adapter $13.99 with the code: QPOGYPPJ

Fitness Tracker $16.49 with the code: VT554LUM

Boxing Training, Boxing Reflex Ball,3 Balls $8.33 with the code: UFSFGRG8

Under Eye Mask for Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles $7.99 with the code: VFOFQDN2

Baby Bath Towel $9.99 with the code: CIGREEN0401

Bra for Women $10.73 with the code: VQMKH7CX

Windproof Travel Auto Open/Close Umbrella $9.90 with the code: 50DIODIO

Men's Socks $9.99 with the code: V5JLBRPD

Womens crossbody handbag multifunctional $12.59 with the code: X5QC7DCX

Beach Cover Up $7.99 with the code: 3ZZBK7I4

Striped Summer Mini Tank Dress $5.99 with the code: CYUDNT62


Penguin Cartoon Stainless Steel Thermos Water Bottle $10.99 with the code: E3VUZUME

Hotel Collection Queen Comforter Set 3PC $18.396 – $19.99 with the code: EIGKQUU5

LED Mini Projector $47.99 with the code: LLDTSDOA

Manicure set $6.99 with the code: 50JVJK4V

Carabiner Clip 12KN Wiregate 7075 Aluminum Alloy $6.54 with the code: B4FOON63

Portable Bluetooth Speakers $13.19 with the code: 9DNDA4MZ

Electric Water Dental Flosser 600ml $18.49 with the code: 93S4BBFW

Instant Pot Accessories Set $17.99 with the code: U426UTJH

Men's swim trunks $11.99 with the code: A3USQCMH

Laundry Basket $8.99 – $10.55 with the code: GNMRFIUA

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker $15.86 with the code: COLDBREWY

New Indoor Digital TV Antenna 60-90 Miles Range $10.79 with the code: EGMFR6SY

Boys Fast Drying Swim Trunks $10.19 with the code: LIOK2B9H

iPhone charger 3 pack $3.89 with the code: CO7SJZUF

Thick No Show Socks 7 Pairs $9 with the code: SPSXLC58

Flip Flops $7.99 with the code: RFMO4ALF

Men's Water Shoes with Sole $11.09 – $13.89 with the code: TDDO8VFL

LED Nail Lamp $15.55 with the code: 50FVTR6W

Mickey Mouse Earrings $7 with the code: SITGJMGZ

Resistance Band $4.79 with the code: 5ECPFRMO

Women's Long Sleeve Short Dress $8.99 with the code: 8UPGFPLB

Earbuds $3.59 with the code: LPKBOP7I

Water shoes for women $17.58 with the code: QWP8IB5U

Pet Seat Cover $14.80 with the code: XJBMOBFH

Minifigures Sets $12.79 with the code: 6J9WCVCC

Teeth Whitening Strips $6.94 with the code: C2JPBN9C

Plug-in Motion Sensor Night Light $11.19 with the code: C8TBTOS5

Green Tea Bag Premium Organic Tea Instant Crystal 16 Single Serve $6.24 with the code: MLE6G9MW

Beard Trimmer/Hair Clipper for Men $17.99 with the code: TB5OCA7M

Toiletry Bag Hanging Travel Toiletries Cosmetic Bag $6.79 with the code: 60RY77Y3

LORERAN Wireless Optical Mouse $4.99 with the code: FWQLK8BB

Women's handbag $13.99 with the code: ETPFIXP3

AM/FM Battery Operated Portable Pocket Radio $5.69 with the code: 6FRRCCHW

fitbit versa bands $13.19 with the code: M4NX94GE

USB C Hub, USB C HDMI Adapter $29.49 with the code: HUBLS50F

Bluetooth Earbuds $13.99 with the code: 37VO7Z9H

10 Pairs Men's Classic Dress Casual Crew socks $7.17 with the code: 70DXTAHB

Black toilet paper holder $10.40 with the code: QPF4LO4A

Women's Palazzo Pants $14.74 with the code: CJLN45FS

Hello Kitty 2 in 1 Puzzles for Kids $7.99 with the code: RLEVXBHA

Pet Car Seat Covers Protector Dog Blanket Hammock $15.99 with the code: RPSBRFKI

Daytime privacy window film $19.99 with the code: PCZ93LLL

Wine Aerator Pourer Wine Decanter $5.74 with the code: B07G2VVQ4Z

Women Handbags Hobo Shoulder Bags Tote $22.79 with the code: 3BN6Z8OJ

Super Soft Silicone Face Brush Cleanser and Massager (4pcs Mix Color) $4.49 with the code: 50FT97BR

Nail Lamps 48W UV LED Nail Dryer $13.49 with the code: CWAQKBYO

High Speed Cell Phone Charger Cable Cord 3 Pack $6.11 with the code: ZDPCWO69

Android Cell Phone Charger Cable $7.13 with the code: LNBCWF6S

Laptop Sleeve $5.94 with the code: KTRXQRC5

International travel adapter $21.14 with the code: LPHF2FHR

Combination Padlocks $3.29 – $4.99 with the code: RICB24W8

15 lb Weighted Blanket $46.19 with the coupon code: 2N42U7IJ

Seashell Night Light $11.99 with the code: G97HTYVV

Copper Creative Molding String Lights $11.99 with the code: HLYKOP9L

Camping Lantern $17.99 with the code: UFWW9R4S

Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds $29.99 with the code: WGXPY9XH

Egg Steamer Rack Trivet with heat resistant silicon handles $7.49 with the code: XTFUCJC8

Moocoo Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch $12.44 with coupon and code: RJLXSQM3

Bluetooth Speakers $19.99 with the code: 7Z3SYESI

Mid Century Plant Stand $12.99 with the code: XYGGE6YH

Drift Skates $19.30 with the code: FBDRZKLY

Nail Lamp $17.99 with the code: 5088LOVE

CERSIA Set 3 Cartoon Decorative/Fruit/Sugar/Mixing Tree Bowls Set $9.99 – $12.49 with the code: BK4IOPKV

Amber Teething Necklace $11.39 with the code: YUEASBUY

Touch Control Wireless Sport Earbuds $19.99 with the code: HTSUP92O

Construction Vehicles Building Set $15.80 with the coupon code: GILITOYS

20-Count NANFU AAA Alkaline Batteries $4.49 with the code: 50ZH4TCI

Entryway Coat Shoe Rack $41.99 with the code: JTQM5GW7

Travel Laptop Backpack $14.94 with the code: 50ZOZCYR

15 PCS Drink Floats $9.59 with the code: 63ARRZZ6

Vegetable Steamer Basket Stainless Steel $8.24 with the code: 78TKSWD2

Binoculars $14.39 with the code: XJBMOBFH

Women Knittted Cardigan $9.99 with the code: 3BGJCGP8

Coffee canister $15.59 with the code: MPX7YI9H

USB C Cable 6.6ft Samsung 2 Pack $12.64 with coupon and code: 2HKK7YJR

Foot Massage Spiky Balls $8.50 with the code: W4D58GH4

Upgraded International Travel Adapter $7.99 with the code: HVBAFJT4

iPhone charger 4 pack $7.49 with the code: 5NKQ7X85

Women's Sneakers Slip on Shoes $11.50 – $15.60 with the code: LR7GAK5D

Mens Sneakers $10.29 – $24.49 with the code: AQDN7NLF

Womens Sneakers $13.99 – $23.79 with the code: 7MTJZO6S

Posture corrector $4.84 with the code: 3HV82TYX

Dimmable PAR20 LED BULBS $12.99 with the code: IGF6QFJP

ANNSO Air Compressor Tire Inflator $16.49 with the code: YYFDD8IV

3 Pairs Youth Soccer Shin Guards $7.50 with the code: XIFGLU2G

Yoga Pants Printed Workout Leggings $7.99 – $9.99 with the code: 50MTSCEPANT

Velvety Space Women's Knitted Cotton Slippers $6.39 with the code: 606T17Q5

Hair Scrunchies 18 Pack $6.49 with the code: GPT8HVTZ

Power Strip Tower $22.99 with the code: XCWLLMHV

Catboy Owlette Gekko Cape/Mask/Bracelet And Necklace Set $8.50 with the code: QRBTJXCF

Extension Cord 3 prong Heavy Duty for Indoor and Outdoor (25 Feet Orange) $6.69 with the code: 6HN4MJKR

Scented Candles Gift Sets $7.49 with the code: UPD6CPCS

If you find codes that are no longer working please leave a comment below. As always prices can change at anytime.


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