Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Deck of Cards $12.99 (Retail $19.99)

Having something to do on the road is always FUN and makes the time go a little quicker!  Check out these Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Deck of Cards for $12.99 (Retail $19.99).

Roadtrip Scavenger Hunt is an exciting way to pass the time in the car. This game can be played during a short day trip, on a long drive across state lines or even while simply driving around your hometown. It will surely deflect a few "are we there yet" questions from well-intending little ones. The game is fun for young and young at heart, anyone can play! Simply deal 5 cards to each player, when the object on the card is found, 1 point is awarded and a new card is drawn. The first person to 10 points wins!

Each deck of Roadtrip Scavenger Hunt Cards contains 50 cards stored in a crystal clear, durable slider box. These boxes are top-quality and will hold up through years of road trips!

Grab your deck today and don't forget to pack Roadtrip Scavenger Hunt for your next trip!

$3.49 for the first item and $1.99 for each additional item. US only. Ships no later than Mon, Jun 18.

Ends 6/4

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