USDA Organic Essential Oils | 15 mL $9.99 (Retail $19.99)

Love these USDA Organic Essential Oils | 15 mL $9.99 (Retail $19.99)!


About us

Ecotherapeutics is the result of years of experience working with essential oils. We wanted to be able to offer essential oils that are excellent quality but also certified organic. With an organic certification, it's guaranteed that your essential oils are produced without the use of potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides, and sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices are used.

100% Pure

We only offer 100% pure essential oils. Our oils are therapeutic-grade and can be used at home or by licensed aromatherapists in practice. With no additives or adulterants, you can fully enjoy the range of therapeutic benefits contained in these powerful essential oils.

USDA Organic

Ecotherapeutics products are certified through ECOCERT, an accredited inspection and certification organization. Our growers never use potentially harmful pesticides or fertilizers, and instead use natural processes that promote plant and soil nutrition, as well as contribute to the conservation of biological diversity.

GC-MS Tested

To ensure the quality and purity of our oils, each essential oil batch is GC-MS tested by an independent organization. Each GC-MS report outlines all of the component parts of each oil, to ensure 100% purity.

Affordably Priced

We work hard to keep our overhead costs low and pass our savings onto our customers. We believe high-quality products don't need to break the bank, and we think everyone should have access to 100% pure, therapeutic-grade, organic essential oils.

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