KeyCatch / 3 Pack ONLY $7.99 (Loose Keys?)

Loose keys?  Check out this KeyCatch / 3 Pack for $7.99 (Retail $11.99).


Are you sick of bugging your husband to hang that annoying key shaped key holder thing on the wall (that was probably made in a middle school wood shop class)? Are you also sick and tired of putting extra holes in the wall just to hang unnecessary stuff? Well we were fed up with this as well, which is why we invented KeyCatch.

KeyCatch is the first ever key storage solution that takes up zero wall space and requires no drilling. Simply remove the bottom screw of any light switch and replace it with KeyCatch. The super strong neodymium magnets in KeyCatch can hold up to 3 lbs, so even the bulkiest of key rings can be held!

Do your entire family a favor and clean up that messy, cluttered entryway with KeyCatch!

Valid until May 27th

**Prices can change at anytime. 


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