Sharper Image 7-in-1 Electric Can Opener $18.99 (Retail $49)

I'm gonna grab this Sharper Image 7-in-1 Electric Can Opener for $18.99 (Retail $49)! 

The 7 in 1 Electric Can Opener makes opening cans simple, effortless and safe. This stainless can opener features a one-touch lever for hands free operation. Just place the can in the can opener, press the lever once and its super sharp stainless blade does the rest! It opens a variety of cans sizes from tuna and cat food cans to large soup and vegetable cans, and when they're open magnetically lifts the lid off and hold it until you're ready to dispose of it.

-Multifunction 7 in 1 can opener
-Super sleek stainless steel housing
-Sharp stainless steel blade
-Stainless can opener performs 7 useful functions
-Cord stays neatly hidden away until you need it
-Blister pack opener
-Knife sharpener
-Dimensions: 9.5X6X9.5


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