RedBox Instant: $8 Per Month for 4 DVD Rentals + Unlimited Streaming Movies!!

I'll admit, I don't easily promote programs in which you are required to pay a monthly fee. Thinking back I can only remember a few, such as Amazon Prime, that I feel are worth the price. However I really like this one since I'm already paying to rent Redbox movies anyway.

Here's the deal - with RedBox Instant you pay $8 per month for 4 DVD credits + unlimited access to streaming movies (available on Android, iPhone and iPads, Computers, Tablets, Roku, Xbox, Google TV, Samsung Smart TVs & Blu-ray Players and LG Smart TVs). You can also choose to upgrade to Blu Ray for $9/month. You can cancel your subscription anytime if you choose not to continue!

FREE TRIAL - Right now they are offering a 1-month FREE trial if you are a new subscriber. Go HERE to get started (or HERE for mobile). Remember you can cancel anytime and not get charged the $8/month but I think you'll like to keep it.

To put this in perspective; if you are already renting 4 movies per month with RedBox at $1.20 each - it's only an additional $3.20 per month for the streaming movies! That's a nice deal!

*Even though RedBox Instant is offered by Verizon, you do NOT need Verizon service to participate. 

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