Looking for a Used Car? Give Car Max a Try!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I always find that the best advice comes from other people's mistakes and successes. With that in mind, I wanted to share one of my own recent experience in hopes that it will help you too.

By the way, this is NOT a paid post and as a matter of fact this company doesn't even know that I am writing about them.

If you're a facebook fan of mine, you might have read that my family is in the process of getting a new car. Yes the Howes' clan has outgrown our 5-seater so we're moving up to a 7-seater.

A little something you guys may not know about me...I'm picky....very picky. So it's no surprise to my husband that I want to see EVERY car in our price range before making a decision.

A friend of mine recommended that we give Car Max a shot. I have to admit that I was a little reluctant since I hadn't even considered a used car, but I figured it couldn't hurt. I am going to say something and I don't say this lightly....this was the most pleasurable experience we've had so far in the quest to find a car. Here's why:

-The sales staff was super accommodating without being pushy. To me there is nothing worse than a salesman(woman) who's more anxious in making a sale than building my trust.

-There are ALL makes and models of cars in one place...and lots of them. This made it easy to compare what we liked and didn't like.

-No hassle, FREE Car Fax reports. You can trust that the car you're buying is what they say it is because they reject cars that have had extensive repairs made.

-Haggle FREE pricing.

Update: Although we have decided to go with a new car and not used (we just put too many miles on a car for a used), I didn't want to miss the chance of telling you how great our experience was with the crew at Car Max. Give these guys a try if you're in the market for a used car.

**Even though we are not buying a used car from Car Max, they offered to give us a FREE appraisal to buy our old car. The quote that they gave us was $600 more for an outright sale and $1600 more trade-in value than other dealerships. I think we'll be selling our car with them instead!

Car Max of Baton Rouge is located at 6768 Siegen Lane.

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  1. If you are buying a new car, here's a tip: please check out FIGHTING CHANCE (fightingchance.com ). They will sell you a packet for about $40 that contains all sorts of inside wholesale pricing data, secret factory-to-dealer incentives, regional inventory data on the model you want, and other info that is way beyond what you can find on the web for free. It's info that is ESSENTIAL to getting a good deal, though. They will coach you through a very specific shopping technique using that data. It flushed out a WAY better deal than I'd have been able to find by just going in to talk to the dealer. For bargain hunters (like me), their system is a lot of fun--and it works, in my experience. I have no affiliation--I just really like their service (because it saved me a bunch of money).

  2. Not being judgmental, but I find it very interesting that you say you hadn't even considered buying a used car. I believe that is one of the wisest ways to use the money that we are blessed with. Just my two cents. Either way, thanks for the info. I never plan to buy new again so I will certainly give Car Max a try.

  3. Monica,

    It's not that we have anything against owning a used car but in our case, buying new is usually equal to or less than buy used because we get such a huge discount for buying certain new cars. Plus we put so many miles on our cars that it's better for us to start fresh. :)

  4. thanks. My husband and I just decided over the weekend to buy me a new car. I like the idea of them quoting to buy my current vehicle. Maybe they will offer me a better deal.


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