Day 4 of Online Coupon Tutorial: Stockpiling 101

Stockpiling 101

So far I've talked about coupons and where to find them, organizing your coupons, and maximizing your coupon usage. Now I want to discuss the most important step in saving hundreds or even thousands on your household budget - stockpiling.

As I mentioned before, manufacturers want you to clip your coupons then use them right away. Now that you know how to time your coupons with sales, you will be buying items at rock bottom prices and sometimes even FREE! Historically, certain items will be at their rock bottom prices at certain times during the year. If you were to buy only one or two items at this super-low price, you would of course be saving money for a week or two but not in the long run. Why? Because you will need to buy again but at a higher price.

Making a 3-6 month stockpile of the items that your family uses the most will ensure that you will never have to make a last minute purchase and pay full price. You can now wait for those super-low prices to build up your stockpile again.

How can I stockpile with only one coupon?

I get this question sometimes and the simple answer is - you need lots of coupons.

How do you get all these coupons?

There are a few different ways to acquire the coupons that you will need.

Sunday Newspaper Inserts- instead of buying only one Sunday newspaper per week, you will need to purchase multiple newspapers. How many you buy is up to you (I buy 4-6 per week), just keep in mind that you will be saving alot more money than you pay for the newspaper. My Walmart offers the Sunday paper at a discount so you may want to check your store to see if they offer a discount. You can also ask neighbors if they do not need their inserts and possibly get them FREE!

Internet Printable Coupons- never, never photocopy these coupons. It is illegal and only hurts us all because stores stop accepting them because they will not get reimbursed the value of the coupon! You can however print two per computer so ask friends to print extras for you.

Coupon Clipping Service- you can purchase the coupons that you need from a Coupon Clipping service such as The Coupon Clippers. These services are great because instead of having a bunch of unneeded coupons from the Sunday inserts, you will only purchase the coupons that you need. You may only pay $0.05 for a coupon that will save you $1.00.

Coupon trading- their are several websites that will allow you to trade coupons for FREE such as A Full Cup and Hot Coupon World. This is a great way to get rid of your unused coupons and get your hands on the ones that you do need.

Coupons in the grocery store- look for manufacturer's coupons on your next shopping trip. You will be amazed how many you will find. These come either as tearpads, blinkies (pictures above) or coupon booklets. You will find them mostly by the corresponding products and 99% of these can be used in ANY store and not just the store that you find them! As long as it says Manufacturer's coupon, you can use it anywhere.

Storage for your stockpile

You may not think that you have enough storage for all this stuff but you will be surprised how resourceful you can be. I keep lots of things in totes in the pantry, garage on a shelf an in a closet. I also have a nice looking storage cube in my bathroom that houses all my toiletries. These are just a few ideas but you can find other inexpensive also.

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