BIG Changes Coming for Those Who Buy Coupons! - Not Good


Do you buy your inserts from a service? Many times I do because you can get higher value coupons.

Well it looks like there is a new major development that everyone needs to keep an eye on because 2 sites posted yesterday that they are temporarily unable to process new orders.
One actually sent this email to customers explaining the situation.

As many of you know I am a newspaper manager. We received emails today from our corporate office regarding coupon distribution and disposal. 

Apparently Red Plum, Smart Source and P&G are filing suit against eBay for allowing the buying and selling of coupons. They are also in talks regarding the same with TLC. According to them it`s all considered coupon fraud.

Before, we were allowed to give away the leftover q`s and those returned from papers that did not sell. We must now destroy all leftover inserts immediately. Newspaper employees are allowed to take home ONE insert per family member , per household.

They are going to do everything possible to make it almost impossible to get coupons without buying the actual newspapers. They are also going to shut down all online sites that sell whole coupon inserts.

So, it appears MAJOR change is coming.

Whole Coupon Inserts posted the following statement on their Facebook page:

I was contacted by, a representative from, SVP News America Marketing, GM Smart Source iGroup. After looking into sources of our supply, I received an email back stating that “As long as you are buying the newspapers at retail rates or subscriber rates, I don’t believe there is an issue”.

So for those who get their inserts through legitimate sources don’t have anything to worry about. For those that buy them off eBay or some sites where their acquisition of inserts is unknown, there may be a huge change.

What do you think?

Information via ~ Green Bay Consumer

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  1. Thank you Extreme Couponing. Everything is changing because of this show. Coupon Policy's
    It sucks for the ones that have been doing for a while.

  2. GREAT- yep- all due to extreme couppoing show- ugh


  3. I expected that the Stores would be the first to complain and file suit against the "abundance use" of coupons. The companies who print the coupon inserts are getting there money from the companies so it shouldn't matter who or where the comsumer obtains the cooupons.
    I can obtain a product (either buy, as a gift, as a free item, etc) and then turn around an post it on Ebay for sale. I have been doing this for over 10 years now. Now they are saying that someone cannot sell a piece of paper that someone else wants to buy?
    Then have RedPlum and the others start selling the inserts! I'm sure they will have many people who will buy them!

  4. Keeps getting more challenging to make it all work.

  5. my problem with buying newspapers in Baton Rouge is that we don't get nearly close to what they get in other parts of the country. Plus I don't like having all that newspaper piled up in my home. I feel like I'm being wasteful because you can't buy just a Sunday paper in Baton Rouge anymore. You have to get the weekend, then the give you the rest of the week Free. That's all great but I don't need it. Don't force me to buy something I don't need. I have even contacted the Times Picayune to have it delivered to me in WBR. They will, but I won't get the coupons. Plus, we don't get Red Plum in my area. Only way to get it is to order it online or go dig in the trash can @ the post office, but even then, it's only a fraction of what other areas get. I wish they would just sell a coupon subscription. I'd pay for that before paying for a newspaper especially when the news is online 24/7 and updates much quicker than any newspaper.


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