Winn Dixie Coupon Matchup 5/25 - 5/31

If you are new here, you may want to read my Couponing 101 first! HERE are some of your Winn-Dixie coupon questions answered.

Winn Dixie has a new reward program called fuelperks! It allows you to earn cents of gallons of gas when you shop! Check out for more details and how to sign up.


Red Ripe Watermelons $3.99

Red Cherries $3.99/lb

Sweet Corn 8/$2.00

Broccoli or Cauliflower 2/$4

Large Georgia peaches $1.29/lb

3lb bag Vidalia onions $3.49 B1G1 Free
Final Price, $1.75 each

On the vine tomatoes $1.99/lb

Dole portabella mushrooms 2/$5

Asparagus $2.49/lb

Green bell peppers $5.99 each

Zucchini or yellow squash $1.29/lb


Bone-in ribeye steaks $5.99/lb

Pork spareribs $1.79/lb

Split chicken breasts $1.19/lb

Boneless ribeye steaks $6.99/lb

Boneless New York strip steaks $8.99/lb

Sanderson Farms whole chicken $1.19/lb

Baby back ribs $6.99/lb B1G1 Free
Final Price, $3.50/lb

Hormel pork loin fillet $9.99 B1G1 Free
Final Price, $5.50 each

Sanderson Farms boneless, skinless chicken breasts $5.49/lb B1G1 Free
Final Price, $2.75/lb

WD party wings 56oz. bag $10.99 B1G1 Free
Final Price, $5.50 each

Chicken leg quarters family pack $1.79/lb B1G1 Free
Final Price, $0.90/lb

St. Louis style pork spareribs $2.49/lb

Sanderson Farms boneless, skinless chicken breasts $2.99/lb

Buy One Get One Free Deals (you must use your WD Customer Reward Card and buy two items to receive this discount)

Nature's Own whitewheat hot dog or hamburger buns $3.29
Final Price, $1.65 each

Ritz crackers $4.19
Printable coupon save $1.00/2
Final Price, $1.60 each

Hormel pepperoni $3.99
Printable coupon save $0.55/2
(5/8 SS) save $0.35/1
Final Price, as low as $1.65 each

Crystal Light drink mix $3.99
Printable Coupon save $1.00/1
Final Price, $1.00 each (use 2 coupons)

Blue Bird sugar donuts $2.99
Final Price, $1.50 each

Luxury pasta $1.67
Final Price, $0.84 each

Breakstone's sour cream 16oz. $2.34
(4/10 SS) save $1.00/2
Final Price, $0.67 each

Schick disposable razors 3-12 ct. up to $8.99
April All You save $1.00
(5/22 SS) save $1.00
Final Price, price varies (use 2 coupons)

Lawry's marinades $3.29
(5/15 RP) save $0.50 (use 2)
Final Price, $1.15 each

Zatarain's pasta or rice mixes $2.29
(4/17 RP) save $0.75/2
Final Price, $0.77 each

Bubba bacon $4.99
Final Price, $2.50 each

French's Mustard 18oz. Spicy Brown or 20oz. yellow $2.99
(5/15 SS) save $0.50/1 Spicy Brown and others (use 2)
(4/10 SS) save $0.30/1 Yellow mustard (use 2)
Final Price, as low as $1.00 each Spicy Brown

Mr. Olive pickles $3.99
(4/17 SS) save $0.75/1 (use 2)
Final Price, $1.25 each

Other Weekly Deals

Sabra hummus $2.50
(5/22 SS) save $1.00/1 (can purchase coupons HERE)
Final Price, $1.50 each

Community Coffee $3.99

Freschetta pizza Simply Inspired $5.00
Printable Coupon save $2.00 (facebook)
Final Price, $3.00

*Special Offer*
Purchase any 4 participating items below and receive $5 off instantly (must use your reward card)
Beneful Snackin' Slices 100 or 200ct. 
(5/01 SS) save $1.00 
3pk Kleenex facial tissue
April All You save $0.50/2 
L'Oreal cleansers 30ct. towelettes or 5-6oz
(L'Oreal coupons are in almost every Redplum insert) 
Purina Little Bites dry dog food 4lb bag
(5/22 SS) save $2.00 
Tampax tampons 40ct.
(5/1 P&G) save $1.00 any Tampax 18ct. or more
(5/1 P&G) save $2.00 Tampax Pearl 
Pantene shampoo or conditioner 25.4oz
(5/1 P&G) save $3.00/2 
Purina Kitten Chow or Cat Chow dry cat food 3-3.5lb bag 
(5/22 SS) save $2.00 
12pk 9Lives variety pack cat food
(4/10RP or 5/15 SS) save $1.00 
Charmin Basic bath tissue 12 rolls
(5/1 P&G) save $0.25/1 
Bounty Basic print paper towels 6 rolls
 (5/1 P&G) save $0.25/1 
Xtra 2X liquid detergent 170oz. or with Oxiclean 125oz.
(5/1 SS) save $1.00/2 
Whiskas dry cat food 2.7-3.3lb
(5/15 RP) save $1.00 
Nivea lotion
(5/15 RP) save $2.00
June All You save $1.00 
Nivea Body Wash
(5/15 RP) save $1.00 Women's Body Wash
June All You B2G1 Free
May All You save $1.00 
Cascade Action Pacs 26-32ct.
(5/1 P&G) save $0.25/1 
Hefty trash bags 25-80ct.
(4/10 RP) save $1.00/2 
Venus Spa 2ct., Venus 3ct, Daisy 3
(5/15 RP) save $2.00
(5/1 P&G) save $3.00/2 Venus Disposables, 2-Ct., 3-Ct. or 6-Ct., Simply Venus, 4-Ct., Daisy3, 4-Ct. or 8-Ct., or Daisy 10-Ct., 12-Ct. or 18-Ct
Mach 3 or 4ct, Sensor 3 Gillette disposable razors
(5/1 P&G) save $1.00 Venus Disposable 6ct, Mach3 Disposable 6ct, Sensor3 8ct or Custom Plus3 8ct 
Clorox tabs 16ct. or Clorox 2 color safe bleach 33oz.
April All You save $2.00/2 Glad Trash Bags AND any Clorox, Formula 409 or Tilex Cleaning Product 
Natural Instincts or Nice 'n Easy hair color
(4/17 RP) save $3.00 Natural Instincts
(5/1 P&G) save $2.00 Natural Instincts
(5/1 P&G) save $2.00 Nice 'n Easy 
For any coupons that are not available in your area, I recommend buying them from The Coupon Clippers or Manufacturers Coupons

More Printable Coupons here and here!

All You Magazine for only $16.50 here!

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  1. dole salad blend 2/$3 buy one and use coupon from ss 5/22 $1/1 total cost $.50 for one


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