Sunday Coupon Preview

.This Sunday there will be a Red Plum insert in the newspaper. Check out Taylor Town Preview for a list of what coupons that you can expect. Please note that these may vary by region.

This means that The Advocate WILL NOT have any coupons this Sunday. The Times Picayune may have them in our area, but I'm not sure so check before you buy. 

*The most asked questions that I get are about local newspaper inserts so here are a few answers:

How many papers should buy?

I personally buy 4-6 every Sunday depending on the amount/quality of coupons. This allows me to stock up on items that I find FREE or at rock bottom. If you can't afford to buy more than one newspaper, ask your friends/family/neighbors if you can have theirs.

Does The Advocate or Times Picayune have the best coupons?

There's no easy answer here. The Times Picayune generally has more coupons and it sometimes has the Redplum inserts that The Advocate does not contain (the RedPlum insert comes in the mail with the weekly store ads in the Baton Rouge area).

However, The Advocate does have the sought after P&G insert where as The Times Picayune does not (at least in the Baton Rouge area). And of course, The Advocate is much easier to find here.

In summary, I personally buy (4) Times Picayune and (2) Advocates on regular weeks. On the weeks that contain a P&G - I buy 4-6 Advocates and only (2) Times Picayunes. **You will notice that I always buy in increments of 2 and thats to use 2 coupons on B1G1 Free sales.

Where can I find The Times Picayune in Baton Rouge?

I find them at Albertson's, Walgreens, Starbucks and some gas stations. These will not be at all locations of these stores so call ahead.

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  1. Do you find that it is cheaper to buy all of these papers each week or is it cheaper to order inserts online? If you do order inserts do you find that they are delivered in a timely manner in order to best use the coupons?

  2. I have actually never ordered inserts online. I do however order single coupons and love that. In my experience (talking with others), these do come quickly.


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