Where to Find Coupons

Here is a post that I did a while back and I thought that it would be a great refresher.

Nowadays, I look at coupons differently than before and find them in places I never would have thought to look. We all know about the Sunday paper inserts (Red Plum, Smartsource and Procter & Gamble), which are still probably the best source for coupons, but there are so many other great sources to get your coupon fix.

Sunday's paper- Buy multiple papers so that you can stock up when items are on sale.

Online coupons(aka bricks)- Print coupons on your computer from sites like:
Coupons.com (click on the top of my right sidebar)
mambosprouts.com (organic)
You can sometimes find coupons on your favorite products' websites or read my weekly advertisements to print coupons that are listed. These will be labeled as "printable coupon".

Store Ads- Look for coupons in weekly flyers.

Store register receipts - Print out after your transaction to use on your next purchase

Target Coupons- Check Hot Coupon World here for all of Targets current coupons. *You can print as many as you like.

Magazines-Next time you are flipping through your favorite magazine, look for coupons since this is a good source to market products. All-You magazine has $60-$100 worth of great coupons every month (you can get a 2 year subscription for only $18.00 by clicking the banner on right or pick up a copy at Walmart stores)

Tearpads and Blinkies- These are the little blinking machines around your grocery store that dispense coupons or the tear-off coupons. They are usually manufacter's coupons and can be taken and used in any other store. I have gotten so many deals with these when there were no other coupons available.

Winetags, Hangtags and Peelies- These are on the product and should be used for to purchase that specfic item.

Fundraising Books - Entertainment book and such

Homemailers- Get on your favorite companies mailing list and they will send you coupons. Just go to the websites of products that you use and sign up.

Coupon Clipping Services- Some areas of the country get better coupons in their local paper than others. We are not in that catagory, so I order coupons for products that I know my family uses from a coupon clipping service. For example, we never seem to get ziploc coupons here but are usually available in other areas. I have used The Coupon Clippers in the past and love them. (find on my right sidebar)
These services usually charge $.03-$.20(for really good value coupon) per coupon and a small service fee (around $.50). The best part is you can order multiples of only the coupons that you need.

Finally, send an email to your favorite products website telling them how much you love their products and ask for coupons. The worst they can do is tell you no.

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  1. I really need Post Cereal coupons and can find them no where! Any suggestions??

  2. Thank you so much for the information on coupons. I love to bake gingerbread this time of the year. I thought I would check for some coupons for Grandma's Molasses. I went to www.bgfoods.com, I clicked on our brands. Several of their products had $1.00 coupons including Grandma's molassas,Cream of Wheat & Regina red wine. They are smart source coupons.


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