PlayDates: Drop-In Hourly Child Care For Holiday Shopping and More!


PlayDates wants to help parents with their Christmas shopping:

No Appointments Necessary! That means you can feel free to drop your little ones off anytime. No more scrambling to find child care when your babysitter cancels at the last minute. No more worrying about imposing on family and friends. Whenever you need us, we’re open and waiting for you.

And, unlike traditional childcare centers, there are no contracts nor long waiting lists. From our early open to our late close, we’re here for you!

PlayDates offers flexible hours so you can choose the time that works best for you, which means no wasted money spent on hours you don’t use. And perhaps the biggest differences is that we’re open 7 days a week, evenings and weekends, so you can depend on us and make your plans with confidence. Visit our website for more information. We hope to see you soon.

Special Events Pricing:

LSU Game Day Specials – 8 hours of playtime $45.00. Includes pizza, drinks, balloons, arts & crafts and fun & games.

BLACK FRIDAY – Enjoy your day shopping kid free! Playtime only $7.50 an hour.

Date Nights – Mon – Thursday nights 6pm – 10pm $25.00 per child.

Thanksgiving or Holiday Care while school is out – $25.00 per day for 8 hours.

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  1. I had read some good things about this place so I decided to try them out about a few weeks ago. I initially went in for a tour of the facility, and was pleased by what I had seen, I spoke with one of the staff members who I assumed was the one in charge, she was very helpful and sweet. I decided to try them out. Upon my arrival with my two children ages 6 and 2, I was not pleased. I stood outside of the facility for about 15 minutes patiently waiting for the door to be opened. It was finally opened after ringing the doorbell 3 times by the Director, who much to my surprise was not the young lady who I had initially spoken with the first time. When I walked into the facility I was amazed by what I had seen, The lady who let me in the door was on the phone, and walked right past me and into another area of the building. This was understandable, and I did not mind. I stood waiting to check in my children while another staff member was doing something on the computer not even acknowledging my presence. She didn't even say hello, or I'll be with you in just a second or anything of that nature. Finally, after another 15 minutes had gone by I was able to check in my children. This did not please me, as the staff seemed to be inattentive but, I decided to let it go, there were a good handful of children there. I left my children there for about three hours and upon getting there to pick up my children I was still not pleased. There were children running around, screaming, toys were everywhere, babies were crying, and it just looked well.... crazy to say the least.

    Once getting home, I asked my oldest how she liked it, she said "Mommy, please don't take me back there again." She told me she was so bored, there was nothing for her to do and all they have are "baby" toys. They do have a playstation, but it is broken, I asked her if she went outside, she told me yes, but she didn't like it because she kept getting rocks in her shoes and there were sticks and leaves everywhere, she even said "there was a piece of animal poop out there." How unsanitary. I packed all kinds of snacks and drinks for my children and nothing was given to them. My two year had not been changed the whole time he was there, his diaper was soaking wet. He also had a scratch on his arm, which I am still not sure of how he got that. There was no accident report or anything I had to sign. When I called about an hour later to ask about the mark, all they could say was "I don't know".

    The Idea of playdates is a good one however, if you are looking for a place to bring your children while you run errands, or have some kind of appointment, I would advise you not to bring them to playdates. You're better off finding a babysitter!! After looking them up on the DSS website I found out they were cited with 10 Deficiencies. You can see them for yourself by clicking the link below.

  2. That lsu game day special is crap... I took my child there this past Saturday... And there definitely was no pizza, drinks, games. Arts and crafts or balloons... This place should get cited for false advertisement!!

  3. My child has been a regular at Playdates...until today! I received a call that she was bitten by the same child that hit her last week. I was also told that this same child has bitten many other children over 10 times!! All the employees can do is notify the owner. HE HAS DONE NOTHING! My child has a visible bite mark that broke the skin on her shoulder. When I called the owner to tell hiim I wanted my money back as I would not be bringing my daughter there anymore since they refused to send this child home until his biting problem is corrected, he refused to give me my money back (over $300) and was extremely rude to me. He continually argued with me, called me a liar and hung up in my face!!!!!!!!!! I also found out that this child's mother works next door with the owner! No wonder why he won't do anything!!!!! THIS IS NEGLIGENCE AND I PLAN ON FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE STATE AND SHERIFF'S OFFICE! I will also file a complaint with the proper officials/authorities if he does not give me my money. That is MY MONEY, and I did not sign nor was I given any form saying that I forfeit my money if I decide to take my child out of playdates. There is no contract! THIS OWNER SHOULD NOT BE IN THE DAYCARE BUSINESS! HE IS AWFUL AND DOES NOT CARE! MOTHERS, BEWARE! BEWARE!!! This child that has a biting problem is there everyday. The employees can't do anything because of the owner!

  4. Brought my kids here last week when I found myself in a pinch. I'm sure I'll be using them again, if I ever find myself in the same situation.

  5. To the lady complaint about the biter... I understand your frustration, as I have been in a similar situation. Took my child to other daycares, only to learn that there are biters everywhere. I eventually had to take him to an individual. GOOD LUCK!

  6. At some point after its happened many times the child needs to be removed from the center (most normal day cares do this) especially if it happens on a daily basis. There are many reasons as to why a child bites but if the children are supervised properly they should be able to catch the child before he actually bites the other children.


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