Organizing Your Coupons

Yesterday I told you where to find coupons, now I would like to discuss how to organize them. Gone are the days of clipping your coupons, stuffing them into whatever you have on hand, and trying to remember to bring them to the store. Here are two methods that I use to organize and file my coupons so that I NEVER miss out on a deal!

Who wants to spend their whole Sunday clipping coupons from the newspaper?
Filing your coupon inserts in an accordion file folder will save you a ton of time and frustration. First, remove all of your inserts from the Sunday paper. Next, label each slot either by date of the paper you found it in (example 01/03) or by type of insert:
P&G - for Proctor & Gamble
RP- for RedPlum
SS- for SmartSource
GM- for General Mills
**You can also make a spot for printable coupons and rebate forms

Now simply file your inserts in the correct slot and forget about them until you need to use your coupons. You will notice that in my weekly advertisements I list coupons like this: 01/03 SS- means January 3rd SmartSource insert

What to do with your loose coupons
It's inevitable that you will have loose coupons. You will also want to organize your coupons when it's time to go to the store. I use a "coupon binder" but you could also use the Couponizer. You can make your own coupon binder by purchasing any 3 ring binder and baseball card sheet protectors (I found them by the register at Walmart).

This allows me to have each coupon in-view and allows me to organize them by store and category.

Here's what my binder looks like:

Target- I stack available MFC with the corresponding Target store coupon

Then the remainder is in the following categories:

Health & Beauty
Household (batteries,etc...)
Cleaning supplies
Baby & Kid
Frozen Foods
Canned goods

I usually keep coupons that I use the most in my binder so if I spot something on sale or clearance, I will have a coupon to get an even better deal!

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