Maximizing Your Coupon Usage

Now that you have your coupons organized, you're ready to start saving lots of money. To get the most "bang for your coupon buck" there are a few things to keep in mind:

Manufacturer's want you to buy and gain loyalty toward THEIR product and this is a great advantage for you. First, companies put out coupons whether it be to boost sales on an already popular item, promote a new product or sell a product fast to change the existing package. They are hoping that you clip and use these coupons right away.

Next, they will offer incentives to stores so that the store will in-turn put these items on sale. This is usually about 2-6 weeks after putting out the coupon (sometimes even the same week). Now you're buying the item again and they have you hooked and you are going to buy this item at full price, right? WRONG!!

Now that you know this information, you can hold on to your coupons and wait for a sale to get the items that you need at rock bottom prices.

Another great way to save is with store incentives and each store offers their own brand of savings!! I will get into the individual store incentives more in another post, but simply wanted to introduce you to the idea to tell you about "coupon stacking".

Coupon Stacking
simply means stacking multiples saving stratagies together to save BIG. For example:

Target has Kashi Cereal on sale for $2.33 (reg. $3.99)-Sale strategy #1
Use a MFC to save $1.00 - Coupon strategy #2
**Also use a Target store coupon to save $1.00 - Store incentive (Target Coupon) strategy #3

You will pay $0.33 total Out Of Pocket for an item that was regularly $3.99!!

There is also one more way the I would like to mention and that is Rebates. You can add this on your list as ways to stack and save also. For example:

Walgreen's may have Touch of Gray on sale for $6.99 (regular $7.99)
Use MFC to save $2.00
Use Walgreen's Store coupon to save $2.00
Pay $2.99 OOP
Submit for Touch of Gray rebate for $6.99 (sale price)

You will have made $4.00 on this item after receiving your rebate!!!

**Target and most other stores accept (1) MFC and (1) store coupon per item

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