Brandcation ~ Here I Come


I'm leaving on a jet plane....literally! Tomorrow morning me and 35 bloggers are heading to Kissimmee Florida for a adventure-filled bloggers' meetup called Brandcation Global Getaway. You may remember my recent Bloggers on Bourbon meetup in New Orleans. Well the same awesome ladies (Trisha, Kim and Blondie) have worked very hard putting this event together as well.

This chick NEEDS some adventure. Too much has happened over the past couple of weeks:(

Want a sneak peak into my weekend?

My plane touches down in Orlando at 1:30pm and it's off to check in my room. Wait, did I say room? I meant house at Global Resort Homes where we'll meet and greet. The bunch over at Global Getaway have VERY generously comped us all accommodations for the entire trip. They are also our main sponsors for Brandcation.

I mean, come on, check out these digs:

I think someone mentioned Karaoke. Yikes!


We'll be getting an early start (I guess this is not one of those restful trips) and heading off to Florida Ecosafaries for a Zipline tour. Now I've never done this before and I'm a little afraid of heights but hey, it's an adventure right?

After lunch, also provided by Florida Esosafaries, we'll head back to the house for an afternoon Luau! Woo Hoo!

Cool Dinner Experience #1 (check)

Friday night's dinner will be a Sleuths Mystery dinner. I have always wanted to "partake" in one of these. I wonder if we have to dress the part?


Another early day because we're heading off on an airboat swamp tour courtesy of Boggy Boat Tours. Now I have done this before, and when I took my husband for the first time (FYI - he's from Michigan and never even saw a swamp before) he got so excited to see an alligator that he almost dropped his camera in the gator's mouth. True story...

After the tour, we're heading over go Gatorland. I think we might be feeding alligators - I just hope we're not on the menu!

Cool Dinner Experience #2 (check)

Saturday night's dinner (provided by Global Resorts) will be at Arabian Nights. I don't know much about this one, has anyone ever been?


Ahhh Sunday. Can you believe that Disney is treating us all to a day at Disney World! HOLY SCHMOLLY! It will definitely be weird without the family. Good think we're going this coming summer.

Then it's homeward bound. Hopefully I will get some sleep when I get home!!!

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