More Ways to Save at Whole Foods

It may not surprise you to learn that I have a Whole Foods "addiction". Just walking in the place makes me happy. It probably has something to do with the scent of Lavender that catches you the minute you walk in, but I think it is much more than that. Their produce section is second-to-none, a steak from Whole Foods will blow your mind and their customer service is SPECTACULAR!

But wait....isn't Whole Foods too expensive for a frugal gal such as myself. As determined as I am, you might know that I would find ways to get my "fix" on affordably.

You may have already read my Whole Foods 101 but if you haven't take a few minutes to find out how I already save at Whole Foods. Now for more good news....

I had a meeting last week with two great gals from Whole Foods and they informed me of a few things that I didn't know.

1. Whole Foods will let you sample ANYTHING in their store (with the exception of alcohol) before you buy it, just ask anyone wearing a Whole Foods apron for assistance.

2. They will sell you ANY amount/weight of a product that they package in-store. If you can only afford $0.50 worth of blue cheese, they will cut it down to $0.50!! How cool is that?

3. You can return ANYTHING at Whole Foods for ANY reason, even alcohol. They want you to know that if you are not satisfied with a product, you will get a full refund.

AND.....drumroll please

4. The Baton Rouge, Metairie and New Orleans stores WILL allow you to use (1) Whole Deal coupon AND (1) Manufacturer's coupon on the same product!!

Happy Savings!!

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  1. Wow that is great! The Wholefoods in south Florida will not combine their cpns with manu cpns. They even call their cpns, manu cpns and therefore cannot be combined with other manu cpns. I had a very rude cashier inform me of this yesterday. I then called another wholefoods and they said only the cpns on the first page of the whole deal can be combined with manu cpns. What??? I can't tell the difference between the cpns on the first page and the rest of them. Anyway, I emailed their corp office today, so we'll see what kind of response I get. And by the way, whole foods did allow me to use both a short while ago. A mgr was called and he approved it. I hate playing these cpn games with these stores!

  2. The way you can tell if it's a Manufacturer's coupon vs. Whole Foods Coupon is at the top right corner of the actual coupon. It will have either the manufacturer's name/logo (manu. coupon--cannot be combined) or it will say Whole Foods (store coupon). And I think they usually say on them "Limit one coupon" or something along those lines.


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