FREE Bengay Pain Relief at Walgreens

Walgreens has Bengay pain relief + massage on sale for $4.99! Use this $5.00 Bengay printable coupon to get it FREE!!!

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  1. Sorry Melissa, I'm having such a crazy morning. I updated the post with the link:))

  2. Hey! :D The printable says it's for the pain relief + massage; is that the Ben Gay that's on sale for $4.99? Thanks! :o)

    (And thanks for the Quizno's Q earlier!)

  3. Nicole, it is the one that is on sale. I got 1 today at Walgreens. Only problem is that when I took the cap off it broke. I'd hate to return it since it was a freebie! But hey, that's what us frugal mommies do.... :-)

  4. My husband tried to do this deal for me. Wags on College wouldn't take the Q since it was less than the Q. They changed the price to $8.99 and THEN took the Q. DH got it anyway for $3.99. We don't need Ben Gay. I was only going to get it since it was free! How wrong is that on Wags' part?! Poor DH is clueless but I will be taking it back AND speaking with a manager tomorrow!

  5. I can't believe they charged him $8.99!! That's ridiculous. I am curious to learn what they tell you. Seriously how hard is it to charge you $5.00 for the product.

  6. i tried to use my bengay coupon and they wouldn't let me because the sale price was lower than the coupon. help!


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