Updated May 1st has added new coupons! New coupons include offers from Garnier, Classico, Kelloggs Cereal, Purina, and More!

Each week I will continue to let you know what's new and available so you can save more! Remember the coupons do have a print limit so don't miss out on what is available right now!

The coupons listed are available in all regions of the country. The coupons available to you will be determined by the zip code you enter and the offers you have already printed.

Ace Braces & Supports, $2.00/1
Ace Elastic Bandages, $1.00/1
Alaska Seafood, $1.00/1
*NEW* Aleve, $2.00/1
*NEW* Aleve D, $1.00/1
*NEW* AmLactin Lotion & Cream, $2.00/1
*NEW* Annie Chun's, $1.00/1
Bayer Heart Advantage, $1.50/1
Betty Crocker Cake Mix & Frosting, $0.50/2
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, $0.50/2
*NEW* Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix, $0.75/2
*NEW* Betty Crocker, Suddenly Salad, $0.40/1
Betty Crocker Warm Delights, $0.50/1
*NEW* Big G Cheerios, $0.55/1
*NEW* Big G Cereals Cinnamon Toast Crunch, $0.55/1
Big G Cereals Lucky Charms, $0.55/1
*NEW* Bissell Stain Remover, $1.00/1
Boulder Canyon, $1.00/1
Bridgeford, $0.55/1
Broadway Nails, $2.00/1
Campho-Phenique, $1.00/1
*NEW* Caesar, $1.00/1
Caribou Coffee, $1.00/1
CeraVe, $2.00/1
*NEW* Chiquita Smoothies, $1.00/2
*NEW* Chlor-Trimeton, $2.00/1
Citracal, $1.00/1
Claritin $3.00/1
Children's Claritin, $3.00/1
Claritin- D, $3.00/1
*NEW* Classico Pasta Sauce, $1.50/2
Cottonelle tubs or refills, $0.50/1
Cottonelle Toliet Paper, $0.50/1
*NEW* Del Monte Fruit Chillers, $1.00/1
Digiorno Deep Dish, $1.00/1
*NEW* Disney Vitamin Product, $1.00/1
Dove Ultimate or Clinical Protection, $2.00/1
Enfamil Enfagrow, $5.00/1
*NEW* Fancy Feast Gourmet, $1.00/24
*NEW* Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys, $1.00/18
*NEW* Flinstones Multivitamins, $1.00/1
Flippo Berio, $1.00/1 ..
Francisco International, $0.75/1
*NEW* Garnier Fructis, $1.00/1
Genesis Today Superfruit Juice, $1.00/1
Genesis Today Superfruit Pudding, $0.50/1
Glade Relaxing Moments Products, $2.00/3
*NEW* Harris Ranch Beef, $1.00/1
*NEW* Healthy Balance, $1.00/2
Hillshire Farm Hearty Slices Lunchmeat, $0.55/1
*NEW* Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, $1.00/2
*NEW* Hills Dog Food, $7.00/1
Hormel Natural Choice, $0.55/1
Jerky Treats, $1.00/1
*NEW* Kellogg's Cereal, $1.00/2
LiceMD, $1.00/1
Lighthouse, $1.00/2
*NEW* Listerine Whitening Rinse, $1.00/1
*NEW* Meow Mix, $0.75/1
*NEW* Meow Mix, $1.50/1
Method Laundry Detergent, $1.00/1
Nature Source, $0.55/1
Nature's Bounty, $2.00/1
Neo-Synephrine, $1.00/1
Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, $1.00/2
Natural Ultramix, $5.00/1
New York Style Deli Snack, $1.00/1
*NEW* Old El Paso, $0.60/2
*NEW* Old Orchard, $0.50/1
*NEW* Old Orchard, $1.00/4
Opti-Free, $1.00/1
Organyc, $1.00/1 .
*NEW* Osteo Bi-Flex, $5.00/1
Phillips Product, $1.00/1
Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads, $0.40/2
Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough, $1.00/2
Pillsbury Refrigerated Holiday Cookies, $1.00/2
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands, $0.75/2
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, $0.55/2
Prevacid, $4.00/1
*NEW* Purina Alpo, $1.00/1
*NEW* Purina Beggin Cuts, $1.00/1
*NEW* Purina Breeze Litter System, $5.00/1
*NEW* Purina Busy Treat, $1.00/1
*NEW* Purina Cat Chow, $1.00/1
*NEW* Purina Friskies, $1.00/1
*NEW* Purina Friskies Cans, $1.00/1
*NEW* Purina Friskies Treats, $1.00/1
*NEW* Purina Mighty Dog, $1.00/12
*NEW* Purina Tidy Cats, $1.00/1
Renu, $1.00/1
*NEW* Right Guard Products, $2.00/2
Right Guard Total Defense 5, $1.00/1
*NEW* Roman Meal Bread, $1.00/1
Schiff MegaRed, $2.00/1
Scott Naturals Tissue, $1.00/1
Scott Naturals Paper Towels, $1.00/1
Scott Naturals Flushables Wipes, $0.50/1
Similasan Allergy Eye Drops, $2.00/1
Slo-Niacin, $2.00/1
*NEW* Smart Ones, $3.00/10
Spot Shot, $1.00/1
Starbucks Ice Cream, $1.00/1
*NEW* Stonemill Kitchens Dip, $0.55/1
Stove Top, $1.00/2
Sun-Rype FruitSource B1G1 Free
Sun-Rype FruitSource Mini Bites, save $1.50
Sun-Rype Fruit Strip, B1G1 Free
Sun-Rype Squiggles, B1G1 Free
*NEW* Sundown Naturals, $1.00/1
SunSilk, $1.00/1
Swanson Broth, $1.00/2
Swanson Stock, $0.75/1
*NEW* Uncle Bens, $1.00/2
Viva Towels, $0.50/1
*NEW* Wacky Mac, $0.50/1
Welch's Juice, $1.00/1
Whole Body Cleanse, $5.00/1
Yoplait Go-Gurt or Kids Cups, $0.40/1
Yoplait Go-Gurt or Trix, $0.80/2
*NEW* Yoplait Greek Yogurt Cups, $0.30/1
Yoplait Yogurt, $0.55/1
Zaditor, $2.00/1

Store Coupons:

Chuck E Cheese, save $30.00
*NEW* JC Penney Optical 50% off
Olan Mills Free Portrait Package
Pep Boys save $10 on your $50 purchase
Pep Boys save $10 on your $100 purchase
Petco Organix or Natural Ultramix, $4.00/1
Petco Organix or Natural Ultramix, B3G1 Free
Rack Room Shoes, $10 off of $60
Sears Optical, 2/$149.99
Sears Portrait Studio Free Portrait Collage + 20% Off


People Magazine, $1.00/1
Time Magazine, $1.00/1
Woman's Day, $0.50/1

Digital Magazines

Betty Crocker Easy Family Recipe
Bisquick Newsletter
Dinner Made Easy Casserole Magazine
Pillsbury Digital Recipe Magazine


A Walk in the Clouds DVD, $2.00/1
In Her Shoes DVD, $2.00/1
Little Miss Sunshine DVD, $2.00/1
Rising Arizona DVD, $2.00/1
Some Like It Hot, $2.00/1
Susan Sarandon Star Collection DVD, $2.00/1
The Devil Wears Prada DVD, $2.00/1
The Family Stone DVD, $2.00/1
The Graduate DVD, $2.00/1
Under The Same Moon, $2.00/1
*NEW* Wow! Wow! Wubbzy DVD, $2.00/1

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