Very Sad News About a Fellow Blogger & Important Message

I just learned today that a fellow blogger, Karissa Gindling, of Prissy Green took her own life a couple days ago. I didn't know her but read her blog from time to time. On January 2nd she made her final post letting readers know that she would be taking a small break but assured everyone that she would be back and better than ever. Unfortunately, she never did make it back.

I am not writing about this to exploit her but rather get out an important message. Through all of her writings, Karissa seemed like such a happy person. She was so clever, witty and upbeat but apparently hiding lots of pain. Don't ignore your loved ones silent pleas for help. Someone contemplating suicide will probably never tell you, but may be screaming from the inside.

Just from reading the many comments left by family, friends and readers, you can tell that Karissa was a person who lent her shoulder to everyone around her in need. It's very eerie reading a post from December 17th where she asks for prayers for a friend of hers who lost her 2 year old son. I can't even imagine what she was feeling as she wrote it.

Hug your loved ones and forget about any grievances because you never know if it will be the last time that you see them.

If you are reading this and are thinking about taking your life, please talk to someone, ANYONE! You can leave an anonymous comment at the bottom of this post if you need to.

Here are some resources that you may want to consider:

Risk Factors for Child & Teen Suicide

Risk Factors for Adult Suicide

Another way to show support is:

Rest in Peace Karissa Kindling 1978-2010

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  1. That is very sad news Maggie. I will pray for her family and friends during this difficult time. Thanks for letting us know & thanks for making your blog about more than saving money - after all, our loved ones are worth more than any amount of money in the world. God Bless!!


  3. Anonymous, please know that you are a big part of someone's life and YOU matter!! Prayer is the most powerful thing to help you get through your pain.

  4. Anonymous,
    KNOW that GOD LOVES YOU. I know that during my darkest hours, God was and is with me even when I could not feel Him. I decided to look for Him and believe and now I know He is here. Do not let the chaos in the world blind you from hearing and seeing the GOOD that God has for you and your life. He always makes a way and can take the bad and use it for good. Not always in the way we think. We cannot always see what is to come and what He can do in our lives. He wants to wrap His arms around you, I am hugging you now in spirit...Blessings
    Lisa....You are beautiful

  5. to anomoymous: I'm Karissa's mother. Reach out to someone. Karissa was here with me for 6 days and wrote a total of 8 letters. I cannot wrap my mind around why she would not reach out to me but instead wrote 8 final letters 2 to me. I was here for her all of her 31 years. I was a few feet away while she was writing those letters. I knew Karissa was depressed, and for the most part was the only one that she talked with about it. She would call me and never mentioned the word depression, it was always, Mom, "it's creeped back in, or I'm down again" would you take me to the doctor. I was Karissa caretaker. I don't believe for one minute Karissa wanted to die, she simply wanted the pain to end. Karissa was ashamed of her depression. No, matter how much we talked it didn't help, the social outcast of being depressed bothered her more than taking her life. Now, I am a mother living the rest of my life without a daughter. It's been 4months now and is harder today than the day it happened. Please I beg you for yourself, for your family call someone reach out don't be like my daughter people want to help you if you talk about depression it helps keeping it inside hurts so much more. Write me a note at and I will help you. Please

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  7. I just found out about Karissa's passing. I went to grade school and high school with Karissa and never once noticed any signs that indicated she had depression, (I even had a little crush on her, so I knew about her and was friends with her) the unfunny thing about it was that I was diagnosed with depression plus ADD. Just know that her mom is correct; just talk to people about it, it's nothing to be ashamed of, you're totally normal besides a bit of chemical imbalance in your brain. This doesn't make you stupid or anything like that, and there are tons of ways to deal with it, like prescription drugs and even more holistic types of treatments. Even natural products that Karissa would surely endorse, (because she would want you happy also), can help. So stay strong, and don't let one of your friends surprise you down the line like I am. Only not surprised, but deeply saddened by this news of someone you would have never thought felt pain like she did. Something that I make sure to get treatment for but something I could never (and if you are depressed), you should never try to do alone, because you DO feel lonely and helpless and insecure with this disease, it's no joke, but as I said before, there is always help and solutions. You just have to ask.


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