Old Navy Coupon Locations

Old Navy Weekly updated last night around 7:00. Here are the coupon locations.

$65 off $100 - Move the white sweater over to the mannequin in the center, click prestyle it, then the picture and a dog will pop up then click a star. (No longer available).

$45 off of $100 - Move the black and grey striped cardigan over, prestyle it, then click on the white strobe light on the right as it is moving. (No longer available).

$10 off of $50 - Move the dark purple button up to the center, then put the yellow stars into the window.

20% off in store when you buy a party cardi - Move over the yellow cardigan, change it to red, then click the mannequins lips.

15% off - Before you do anything on the screen click on the center mannequins painted nail.

10% off - Move the light purple/pink cardigan to the center, prestyle it.

I will let you know when we have next weeks update!

Thanks STLmommy!

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