Update from Old Navy Weekly

If you are a regular, you're probably expecting an Old Navy Weekly update and here it is:

It’s Thursday and that means Old Navy will soon have a new Item of the Week: The Women’s Mandarin-Collar Henley for $9 plus
OldNavyWeekly.com is going to be hiding fabulous new coupons. And lucky you, we’re hiding the $75 off $100 coupons, yet again! You can also follow the SuperModelquins on Twitter for even more Item of the Week info.
Happy hunting!”

If you are new to Old Navy Weekly, here's the Skinny:

Every week Old Navy offers high value coupons for all of their customers to use through the week. The most covenant coupons are the infamous $75 off $100 purchase. Once a week Old Navy updates their OldNavyWeekly.com website with these and others such as $60/$100, $50/$100 and many more.

So each week they have new pictures of the "Old Navy Mannequins" and the coupons are hidden within those pictures. Click HERE for a recap of last week's coupon locations as an example.

The coupons should reset tonight but we never know the time. It could be 7pm or 3am, they are very sneaky! If you are up for the challenge, Good Luck!!

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