Old Navy Weekly Recap

Old Navy Weekly refreshed last night. Here are the coupon hiding places.

$75 off of $100 - Click the mouse in the screen with the boys holding the trumpets, he's a fast guy runs from right to left. (No longer available)

$50 off of $100 - Move the trumpet in the boy on the rights hand to the red head girl in the picture to the right. Put the valves on her lips then click the music notes. (No longer available)

25% off - Move the pink shirt in the screen with all of the shirts to the red head in the blue polka dot shirt.

$10 off of $50 - Move the blue head band on the girl in the Hot Pink Lost BFF Shirt to the picture of her to the left in the With My BFF Shirt.

$5 off of $25 - Click in piece of paper in the little girls hand with the Pink Lost BFF shirt.

Buy the item of the week receive 15% off - Sign up for text messaging updates.

Buy Kids items receive 10% off - Click the yellow arrow pointing to the class of 10 issue.

Buy the item of the week receive 10% off - Click the video like crazy, I found it at :10 seconds.

I will let you know when as soon as I have an Old Navy Update!

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