Old Navy Weekly Recap!

Old Navy Weekly refreshed last night around 8:30. Unfortunately I was having computer problems and missed the big coupons but hopefully some of you were able to catch them. Here are the hiding places:

$75 off of $100 - Click Life as a Supermodelquin Kid Isn't Easy, Who is Christopher's Dad? The answer is Wesley. (No longer available)

$50 off of $100 - Go to the girl with the red hair in the right bottom box, click the apple as it is falling. It takes around 60 seconds for the apple to fall. (No longer available)

25% off - Put the apple in the girl with the red hairs hand at the bottom of the golf club and hit the apple.

$15 off of $75 - Click like crazy in the video, mine popped up at 1:30 but it always seems to be a different time.

20% off 2 jeans - Put the blue pen in the little girl with the bright pink shirts hand into the bag of the little girl with the light pink shirt.

15% off - Put the khaki pants on the boy in the navy v-neck sweater.

10% off uniforms - Put the yellow shirt on the boy with the golf club.

I will let you know when as soon as I have an Old Navy Update!

Thanks Kim!

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